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Mustang Stampede Winners!

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Congrats to our Grand Prize winners:

Race Finishers:
Top Adult Male: Peter Rexer
Top Adult Female: Adrienne Heist
Top 8th Gr. Boy: Ben J.
Top 8th Gr. Girl: Marcella D.
Top 7th Gr. Boy: Dylan S.
Top 7th Gr. Girl: Emily R.
Top 6th Gr. Boy: Daniel G.
Top 6th Gr. Girl: Cleo K.
Top 5th Gr. Boy: Zack B.
Top 5th Gr. Girl: Katie B.

Best Centipede:
“The Fashionable Fabulous Fifth Graders”
Julia S., Sarah W., Veronica Z., Julia F., Serena D.,
…and Mrs. Bishop!

27 CMS 8th graders published in “Stanford Anthology of Youth”

The Stanford Anthology of Youth publishes some of the best writing from middle school students across the peninsula. For their 15th volume, SAY selected 27 CMS students for publication! For the second consecutive year, CMS had more students published than any other school.

Students will receive their copies of the anthology on Friday May 27th and we’ll have a copy in the office and the library for display.

Congratulations to:
Danielle A., Evan B. Alexandra C., Marcella D., Mattigan G., Ella G., Mia G, Ben H., Phoebe H., Angela H., Christina K., Madison M., Mariah M., Ben M., Nicolette N., Steven N., Riley Q., Angela R., Michael R., Nina R., Taylor S., Lindsey S., Jared S., Sabrina V., Maegan W., Emma W., and 

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Megan Y.

8th graders sweep local writing contests

Mariah M. was the 1st place winner in the San Carlos Youth Center short story contest for her story “The Backpack.”  Mariah was also honored by the National Council of Teachers of Writing (NCTE) with a Certificate of Recognition in the “Promisin Young Writers” contest.

Ada G.,

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 was the 1st place winner in the San Carlos Library short story contest for her story “The School Wide Battle and the Golden Flag.”

Wordmasters: 8th graders crack the national top ten again!

CMS 8th graders, who had already been honored with two Top-Ten finishes in previous WordMasters challenges this year, finished 10th in the nation

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 out of 180 teams in the third and final WordMasters Challenge in early May. Central finished 8th (out of 180 teams) in the year-end cumulative standings as well.

High scorers on the Central team for the third challenge were Nathan G., Alex K., Marijke S., Mariah M., Alex C., Angela R., Ryan W., Emma E., Nicolette N., Riley Q., Ella G., Brycen S., Madigan G., Phoebe H., Meg S., Jack R., and Rayna S.

Nathan G., who missed only one analogy in three challenge tests, was one of the top eight 8th graders in the nation.  Marijke S. finished in the top 30nationally for only missing three questions out of 60.

CMS students are on TV!

Several CMS students are featured on the television show “KidBytes” that is currently running on local channel Peninsula TV (PEN TV).  Edgar and Jocelyn A. are dancers on the show, and 8th grader Cristina O., was a contestant in this show that highlights the improv talents of local middle and high school students. Other CMS students, includingRachel and J.D. P., Julianna K., and Brycen S., serve in the in-studio audience. 8th grade teacher Mr. Richards even served as a judge on one of the episodes. Click here

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 to find “KidBytes” show times on Peninsula TV.

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