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Spirit Week is Next Week!

Tuesday, May 26th: Pajama Day; wear your favorite, comfy pajamas!

Wednesday, May 27th: 60s Day, Dress Like A Hippie! Love beads welcomed!

Thursday,  May 28th: Disney Day, dress like a Disney character (No masks please) or in your favorite “Disney Clothing”.

Friday, May 29th: What Not To Wear Day; wear a mix-match outfit!

Please DO NOT block neighbors driveways around Central

We have received a number of complaints from our neighbors about cars blocking their driveway during drop-off and pick-up times.  Keep in mind that one car may only block a driveway for one minute, but the combination of several cars, one after the next, adds up to a great deal of time. Please be courteous to our neighbors and watch where you are parking or dropping off.  We have worked very hard to foster a good relationship with the entire neighborhood, and we want to keep it that way.  Thank you.

The CMS PTA is looking for volunteers to help next year.  If you are interested in helping out, please contact Lauren Pachkowski.

The CMS Online Directory is available for the 2014-2015 school year.  For more information, please click here.   Download the DirectoryBurst app from the Apple or Android app stores.

Want to volunteer at lunch time in the library?  Click here for more information. 

Hot Lunch Questions?  Please click here to get more information.

Construction and Safety Update:

The construction on campus is moving along quickly and we are very happy with the progress made this fall.

Certainly with construction comes concern about student safety. I have weekly meetings with the construction team and we will continue to address this concern. Please regularly check the construction update for more details.

  • The current fence line on the campus will change once school begins.
  • The areas of the blacktop we will utilize next year will all be resurfaced before students are back on campus.
  • We will be putting some basketball hoops back up for this school year.
  • There will be access on Cedar Street to the campus at the southern portion of the blacktop once school resumes.

Here are some ways to keep updated:

  • Read the Monday morning Mustang Mail emails to keep updated on all the construction on campus.
  • Join the CMS Facebook group (Central Middle School, SCSD) to see photos and read updates.


  • Students may be dropped off and picked up on Chestnut, Arroyo, and Cedar Streets.
  • Do not enter the school/teacher parking lot to drop off or pick up students.
  • Please remember to drive with caution, especially when students are present.
  • DO NOT stop in the crosswalks or red zones, or drop off in a way that inhibits other driver’s view of these crosswalks.
  • DO NOT U-Turn on Chestnut or Cedar Streets.

Please remember that all visitors (including parents) must sign in at the office.



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