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Online Book Fair

The Book Fair was a great success! If you are still interested in purchasing books, visit the online CMS Book Fair at http://bookfairs.scholastic.com/homepage/cmssancarlos. The books you order will be shipped to Central. The online Book Fair will be open until Friday, April 25.

CMS PTA Honorary Service Award Winners

Congratulations to this year’s very deserving CMS PTA Honorary Service Award Winners – Grace Schulz, Gayle Hoch and Rachel Levine.  They have all done a tremendous amount for our school and our community.

CMS Online Directory is now available!

Hopefully you have received an email from DirectoryBurst inviting you to create an account so you can securely access the new CMS Online Directory.  Check your junk mail folder if you haven’t received it.  To access the online directory, go to: http://www.directoryburst.com  If you have any questions or changes that need to be made in the directory, please contact Betsy Parkhurst: parkrice*at*gmail.com.


PowerSchool allows teachers to post grades, classwork and communicate information to students and families.  You will also find attendance information is also listed here.

Please go to https://powerschool.sancarlos.k12.ca.us/public/home.html to access the PowerSchool Parent Portal.

If you are having trouble accessing PowerSchool, please contact Tom Keating: tkeating@scsdk8.org.

Weekly Newsletter

Are you getting the weekly newsletter and announcements via email each week?  If not, please login to the PowerSchool Parent Portal and click on “Power Announcement”.   On the Power Announcement page, you can choose how you want to be contacted by the school, which includes the Weekly Newsletter.  Please be sure “Contact me using Email” is marked.  Next, click on “Preferences by Contact Field” and be sure that your email addresses and phone numbers are correct.  Finally click on “Preferences by Message Category” and chose how you want to be contacted.  If you are still not receiving the newsletters and announcements after you have made sure all of these fields are checked and your email addresses are correct, please contact Steve Kaufman: skaufman@scsdk8.org.

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Power School Portal

Please click HERE to access the Power School Parent Portal.

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